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The ‘Pick Penny’s Brain’ reading is a casual conversation with Penny, just like phoning a friend.
Penny will not pull up your chart during this reading and there is likely to be background noise.
If you would like Penny to be familiar with your chart, it is highly recommended to order a Penny Peek Reading beforehand. Penny may not remember specific details, however, and you will be expected to know them yourself. You can prepare yourself using the tutorials Penny has made and any of the other 400+ videos on her Youtube Channel.

The ‘Pick Penny’s Brain’ reading is good for people who are familiar with their astrological chart, have done a bit of studying (feel free to use Penny’s Library), and just want Penny’s opinion.

Anyone who is inappropriate or rude will be promptly hung up on with no refund. Inappropriate behavior includes flirting, asking Penny personal questions, or anything that Penny personally deems to be inappropriate or create a feeling of being uncomfortable. Rude behavior includes insults or anything that Penny personally feels was rude in any way.

To schedule your reading, please use the booking form available here after purchase.

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Ask an Astrologer

Sometimes you need to

ask an astrologer.

Through the perspective of an astrologer, this reading will help you gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of your life, or the unique characters within it.
Astrology can unlock understanding of the world around you. Self-study is an important aspect of life and is considered to be one of the Niyamas in Yoga.

It is paramount that you see your own talents and blessings. Through the lens of someone who studies the world using the ancient art of astrology, you can uncover quite a bit of truth.

Employing empathy and devoted study of astrology, Penny truly connects with people.

If you would like special time and attention devoted to you and your astrological chart, please

Book a Reading

The ‘Pick Penny’s Brain’ reading is a casual and affordable way to talk to Penny and ask her about your astrological chart.

This low cost astrology reading means that Penny is opening up her time and her daily schedule. However, not all of the same preparations can be made as in the Astrology & Tarot Reading’s that Penny provides.

Penny began sharing videos about astrology in 2012, promoting the understanding of others and contributing to global knowledge ever since.

Check out Her Latest Videos

Although money is not a primary focus in life, it is still a necessity. Every time you book a reading, you are giving back to Penny and her family.

The online astrology climate has evolved a lot over the years. Some consider Penny to have been a pioneer in this. Although she was not the first, the second, or the third person to start posting about astrology online, the calling was so strong, it was one she could not ignore.
She begin by offering hundreds of free readings on Facebook and accepted her first paid client in 2013.

10+ Years Worth of Astrology Albums

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