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Astrology is the most long-lived study of personalities.
It is also the most detailed and accurate.
Penny has more than ten years of diligent study and whole-hearted contribution to the ancient art of astrology.

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Alphabet Symbolism

Penny’s Alphabet Series

Each letter of the alphabet has its own symbolism and vibrations. Find out how your name can impact your life, with Penny’s series on alphabet numerology.

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Penny Astrology

An enchanting journey of self-discovery, astrology can help you integrate every facet of your being. The wheel of astrology is divided into twelve parts, meaning that every area of your life is accounted for.

Understanding of astrology facilitates a profound sense of connection with the world around you. You will see yourself and others in a new light.

Penny has strived to understand people ever since she became an outcast at age 13. By age 21, she was obsessed with astrology and quickly gained a reputation for being an expert. Even though she personally did not see herself this way, her intense interest made her quite knowledgable. After more than ten years of being an astrologer, Penny still explores astrology with the energy and curiosity of a novice. She says that research of people is an exciting aspect of her daily life.

Astrology’s realm extends far beyond the boundaries of the Zodiac signs. It stands as a universal art, a captivating fusion of both art and science. Within astrology’s celestial map, a vast expanse of wisdom awaits – from the shining stars to the enigmatic asteroids and planets. This expansive field of research always leaves more to be studied. Penny’s unwavering commitment to exploration and study ensures that you’re in good hands. She stands ready to illuminate the intricate mysteries of your life.

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Penny also reads Tarot, hones psychic abilities, teaches meditation, and studies symbolism.


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