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Astrology is the most long lived study of personalities.
As a result, it is also the most accurate and detailed method of understanding people.

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Alphabet Symbolism

Each letter of the alphabet has its own symbolism and vibrations, affecting out lives in big ways.
Penny has analyzed each of the letters.

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Since 2012, Penny Astrology has been fascinated with understanding people through astrology.
Skeptical at first, she realized astrology’s truth when she saw beyond the sun sign stereotypes.

Penny Astrology channeled her obsession into intense research and study. Not only did she read books on astrology; she also studied real life experiences.

Penny Astrology’s obsession paid off. Her readings are so thorough, and so specific, that they tend to creep people out. Penny’s clients feel a strong connection with her, because it really feels like she knows them. An astrology reading with Penny Astrology makes you feel understood and helps you understand the people around you as well.

Knowledge of astrology goes well beyond the Zodiac sign. Astrology is a universal art, and although it is controversial, it is a science. There is an infinite amount to learn and study about the stars, asteroids, and planets. This is why you need a professional who studies as diligently as Penny.

Learn more about yourself by using the natal chart calculator, and then go watch Youtube videos on Penny’s Youtube channel¬†to learn even more!

Penny expands her knowledge to Tarot, psychic abilities, animal and alphabet symbolism, and the mind & body connection.

An astrology reading with Penny gives you the answers you need.

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