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Astrology is the most long lived study of personalities.
It is also the most detailed and accurate.

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Alphabet Symbolism

Each letter of the alphabet has its own symbolism and vibrations.

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Understanding People

Astrology is an enchanting journey of self-discovery through the lens of celestial bodies.

Understanding astrology promotes a profound sense of connection.

Through study of real life experiences, paired with the ability to read an astrological chart, we can analyze the details of peoples’ lives and learn to navigate any turbulence.

Astrology’s realm extends far beyond the boundaries of the Zodiac signs. It stands as a universal art, a captivating fusion of both art and science. Within astrology’s celestial map, a vast expanse of wisdom awaits – from the shining stars to the enigmatic asteroids and planets. This expansive field of research always leaves more to be studied. Penny’s unwavering commitment to exploration and study ensures that you’re in good hands, ready to illuminate the intricate mysteries of your life.

Begin your journey of self-discovery by using Penny Astrology’s in-house Natal Chart Calculator
Then search Youtube videos with Silver Sun Astrology to find detailed descriptions of your placements.

Penny has expanded her knowledge to reading Tarot, psychic abilities, meditation, and various forms of symbolism.


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