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The “Ask Penny” astrology reading places you and your individual needs at the heart of the experience. Your circumstances are one-of-a-kind, and it’s your happiness and clarity that this report strives to fulfill. Simply pose your question, and let Penny provide you with the answers you seek.

Penny Astrology brings both personal warmth and deep compassion to her practice. You can confidently ask Penny any question that’s on your mind, and when relevant, provide the birthdates of those involved. Her wealth of insight is sure to illuminate your path.

What sets Penny apart is her commitment to delivering exceptional levels of detail. These intricately detailed astrology readings empower you with a profound understanding of the world around you, helping you make informed decisions and find the clarity you need.

This report is sent via email. If you prefer to speak with Penny over the phone, please book a Phone Consultation.


Ask Penny

Astrologer since September of 2013

One might seek Penny’s guidance for their astrological chart because she embodies integrity and discretion, offering a secure space to explore personal insights. Her expertise goes beyond the generic, as she provides specific and detailed information that helps individuals better understand themselves and their life’s path. Penny’s commitment to precision and privacy makes her a sought-after astrologer for those who value a reliable and personalized astrological experience.

Each astrological chart is divided into twelve signs as well as twelve houses.
(see the example below)
In addition to the planets, we can bring up millions of different asteroids, all with their own unique meaning.
You do not have to know astrology in order to ask Penny a question about your chart. However, many questions are better answers through Tarot.

Click here to ask a tarot question

How do I know if a question is better suited for tarot?
Penny’s Answer:
You actually do not have to know!
My tarot and astrology readings are the same price, so we can easily swap them out if needed.
Or you can book a

Tarot & Astrology Reading over the Phone with Penny

If you prefer to reach out to me, my email address is

How do I know though? Like, without asking you…

Penny’s Answer:
Astrology does not account for free will. Astrology explains what is innate within us. It’s the things we cannot change.
This means that birth chart astrology provides life-long answers.
Transit astrology, however, can provide exact (or estimated) dates for certain “weather conditions”, so to speak.
So if you want to know the best day to get married or propose, Astrology is your prime choice.
A Solar Return Chart reveals information about your life for a given year.

Read more about the Solar Return Chart

Tarot does account for freewill, and it is great for decision making, hypotheticals, and checking on the “current status” of things (especially if you have been using your free will recently!)

Can you teach me astrology?

Penny’s Answer:
Yes! I have been teaching astrology for free on Youtube since 2012.

Silver Sun Astrology’s ‘Learn Astrology’ Playlist


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  1. Deborah

    Even as someone who is plenty familiar with astrology, Penny gave me clarity and insights that rocked my world! At a time when I was scratching the surface of a new phase of personal growth, Penny blew the doors off for me, making the transition much more smooth and confident. I will DEFINITELY be back for more. If you haven’t asked her those burning questions that have been gnawing at your gut, you’re only torturing yourself further! Do yourself a favor and take the leap, she’s absolutely worth it.

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