Horoscopes for the 2023 Lunar Eclipse

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**Partial Lunar Eclipse October 2023**

The eclipse will be visible throughout most of the world, but unfortunately, not for those of us in the Americas, except for those in the northernmost parts of Canada and possibly the far Eastern corner of Brazil (but not likely). The majority of Australia will be able to view the eclipse. For more information, check the link at the bottom of this article!

**Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes**

Where we would normally seek comfort, we are experiencing a catalyst for growth, peaking on October 28th during the partial lunar eclipse.

The wisdom of Jupiter, aligned with the gentle energy of this moon in Taurus, will enable us to intuitively sense greater truths as Jupiter sits at 11 degrees within the warm glow of this ambient full moon.

Alas, the battle between bull and scorpion energy may put us at war with ourselves as well as others. Mercury and Mars conjunct in Scorpio are pushing for a greater depth of truth and feeling, as curiosity becomes a motivating factor, even becoming morbid at times. We may not trust what we know, feeling discontent with the lack of outward confirmation.

Each Zodiac sign will experience this in a different area of life. Be sure to use a natal chart calculator (click here to use mine!) so that you can look at your sun, moon, rising, Venus, and Mars. Keep in mind that the moon is purely emotional, while Venus and Mars are more romantic and sexual.


Aries, your primary focus at this moment is centered on seeking deeper meaning within your desires. Whether your heart longs for closure, connection, or resolution, you’re determined to bring an end to what was once a chaotic cycle of heartache.

The persistent echoes of shattered hopes and dreams continue to resound within your thoughts, often overshadowing the peaceful world around you. It’s a challenging juxtaposition, where your inner turmoil seems invisible to the outside world, which can be quite vexing as you grapple with your pain.

During this phase, remember that the world’s serenity can coexist with the turbulence in your heart. While it may feel as if no one sees or comprehends your emotional struggle, your feelings are valid and deserving of acknowledgment. Seek solace in your journey toward resolution, for in time, you will find the answers you seek.

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Taurus, an insatiable curiosity has taken hold of your heart and mind, leaving you almost obsessed with the desire to delve deeper into the heart of the one you hold dear. Your longing for reciprocation is a powerful force, fueling your emotions.

In this pivotal moment where you stand on the precipice of a significant decision, you find yourself awaiting the actions of others. However, it’s essential to recognize that you possess the gift of knowledge and wisdom that is integral to this sometimes perilous journey of the heart. Trust in what you know, for knowledge will guide you effectively.

As a provider and protector, not just in material terms but also in a spiritual sense, you set a positive example for those around you, inspiring them through your actions and calm wisdom. Your life is adorned with abundant beauty and blessings, all of which deserve to be celebrated and cherished.

Embrace your role as a source of inspiration and wisdom, for you hold the keys to your own destiny and the power to guide others toward their own growth and fulfillment.

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Gemini, when you set your mind on a path, your conviction is unwavering. Once you believe you’re destined for something, no external force can take you off that path. This strong conviction can also manifest itself as stubbornness and commitment even to a path that is no longer serving you.

This full moon, however, gently embraces you with an encouraging message: you can make this powerful change that is needed to grow stronger and embrace the beauty of your existence. Be ready to listen to the intuitive messages being sent to you.

Your body may serve as a significant catalyst for receiving these messages. It’s essential to tune in to where life is trying to lead you and how your physical being aligns with this next chapter. There’s a possibility of a physical injury, which may manifest as a means to challenge your stubbornness. This injury can prompt a needed moment to slow down, listen to your inner voice, and make necessary course corrections.

Take care to ensure that the work you engage in aligns with your growth and propels you toward greater success. Otherwise, it may only serve to create unnecessary stress.

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Cancer, a strong desire to pursue your own passions has left you feeling a bit exasperated, especially when others make demands on your time and energy. It’s entirely reasonable to feel hurt by a lack of support from those around you.

The moon, a symbol of emotions and inner connection, reminds you to embrace the warmth of friendship, while carefully outlining the limitations of what friendship and community can provide. Although these bonds are essential for social connection and support, they can never replace the opportunity for you to express and live in alignment with your own heart and soul’s calling.

While cherishing the time you spend socializing with friends and your community, it’s vital to set aside separate moments for personal growth, learning, and the development of your unique talents. Embrace the path of self-discovery and mastery, for it is the key to fulfilling your own potential.

You may not always realize it, but your support and encouragement mean a great deal to those around you, and they genuinely appreciate your creativity and contributions. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that they may not be able to support you in the same way you support them. This difference arises from the unique blessings and opportunities for growth that exist within you. Not everyone sees or comprehends the same pathways to personal development because each journey is individual and tailored to your own life’s purpose.

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Leo, the definition of success may have evolved into something quite different from your initial hopes and expectations. In your quest to meet the standards set by others, you may find it challenging to fully live up to their varied and ever-changing expectations. This journey can often be accompanied by a sense of loss, as the love and support you once envisioned as your rock may prove elusive, making it difficult to fully embrace the blessings you’ve received and the unfolding path of life.

Within your home and family, significant changes are taking place, and the fear of potential loss may be draining your joy and peace of mind. It’s a stark reality that certain chapters are coming to an end, and your future prosperity must become a priority.

Navigating this change of course may feel like you’re abandoning a loved one, an emotional storm you’re asked to weather. It’s important to understand that being realistic and pragmatic doesn’t equate to betraying a loved one. Even in the midst of financial challenges, compassion and love remain in your heart, even if you can’t express them through financial sacrifices. Your focus should be on what you can realistically achieve rather than self-blame for the things that currently lie beyond your control. Remember that mixing emotions with financial decisions can often lead to turbulence, so taking a pragmatic approach is often the wisest choice.

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Acceptance grows further and further away as you continue to put energy into a search for more information. This eclipse gently reminds you that there is nothing left to learn here: what you see is what you get.

Wisdom is your guiding star, but curiosity can sometimes drag you further down into despair. Your desire for allegiance and cooperation with someone who never seems to keep their agreements is driving you up a wall.

Choosing yourself is likely the most viable option. After everything you have given, you have been blamed and left waiting for what was once promised.

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While it may feel like a relentless struggle for resources, it’s time to consider a different perspective during this partial eclipse. The truth emerges: resources don’t have to be clung to so fiercely; it’s the emotional wounds that need attention.

The feeling that someone else is taking something away from you can be emotionally painful in itself. However, your innate generosity serves as a balm for this suffering. Within this tangled web of emotions, compassion and connection still exist.

As you move forward, remember that you’re doing your best, putting in the necessary work and labor. Trust that, somehow, everything will find its way to being okay.

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As you continue to put significant effort into self-improvement, you may face the disheartening realization that someone you deeply care about is not fully recognizing or appreciating the progress you’ve made. In times like these, remember that friendships can serve as a source of encouragement and support, helping you to stay motivated on your journey of personal growth and self-improvement. While it’s disappointing when others don’t acknowledge your efforts, it’s essential to stay motivated on your own path and continue to grow for yourself. A new hobby could also help to inspire you.

The glow of this ambient moon brings resolution to a once chaotic relationship cycle.

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Sagittarius, you find yourself in the midst of an internal battle as the haunting memories of the past continue to take a toll on your well-being. The key to resolving this inner conflict lies in practical actions that foster genuine nurture and care towards yourself. It’s perfectly alright to seek love and support, and sometimes, a family member or a cohabitating partner can play a pivotal role in this process. If such support isn’t readily available, you can turn to a spiritual figure like Mother Mary or Mother Earth for unconditional love and support, or focus on your ability to provide the nurturing you need through consciously parenting yourself in a loving manner.

Despite life feeling somewhat unstable, it’s essential to remember that you are surrounded by an abundance of prosperity, opportunities, and material blessings that are firmly protecting you on your journey. Often, things may appear worse than they are.

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As you step back to observe your role in the world and assess where you fit, you may find yourself resentful of others, momentarily neglecting to celebrate and embrace your own distinctive qualities. This partial eclipse serves as a reminder that you don’t need to be anyone but yourself. Your inherent gifts, talents, and unique quirks hold immense value in this world. Your community, friends, and everyone around you deeply appreciate the unique energy you bring to each interaction.

Embrace the courage to speak your truth and address what must be said. There are individuals in your life who may have caused you considerable pain, but it’s also your responsibility to help them recognize their blind spots. Only you can do this, and by doing so, you not only empower yourself but also foster growth and understanding among those you connect with.

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Your drive to achieve more in life has its roots in past pain, and not everyone can truly understand the depth of that desire. However, there comes a time when you must close the door on that pain and acknowledge the endings of the old chapters in your life. You have genuinely earned peace and solitude, so allowing the battle to replay in your mind serves no purpose but self-destruction.

To safeguard your security, focus on the tangible aspects of your journey. There’s no need to fear others taking away your success because it’s not something that can be taken. Your success is like a weapon or tome that others are incapable of wielding. It is unique to you. Your success fell into your hands through the happenings of fate.

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As you continue to expand on your spiritual path and personal growth, certain discussions and social connections may take on a new perspective. You could encounter a strange dynamic of distrust or suspicion, even among people you once considered safe.

The gentle glow of this moon reminds you of the importance of self-protection. You are not obligated to go out of your way for others or endlessly extend the benefit of the doubt. Your peace of mind and your ability to trust the people in your inner circle should take precedence over extending compassion to those who may have already exhausted its value.

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