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An astrology & tarot reading over the phone with Penny is your gateway to newfound clarity and answers. With Penny, you can trust in complete discretion, unwavering confidentiality, and an entirely judgment-free environment.

Astrology remains the most intricate study of human personalities, far more detailed than any other system. In this reading, you’ll find solace in the profound insights of astrology. Psychic or clairvoyant revelations may arise, but astrology is a concrete system.

A comforting layer of trust can be found in that I maintain a public presence. This keeps me accountable for my actions. While I am not anonymous, you still are. You can easily familiarize yourself with my extensive body of work, which spans over 400 educational videos and tutorials, along with more than a decade of online contributions as an astrologer.

My commitment to ethical practices mirrors that of healthcare workers, going back to my roots, with utmost respect for patient/client privacy. I can assure you that I never discuss my clients with anyone.

To schedule your reading, you may use the booking form available here after your purchase, or feel free to engage in further correspondence via email at Your journey to inner knowing awaits! 🙂

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Astrology & Tarot Reading over the Phone

Newfound Clarity

An astrology & tarot reading over the phone with Penny is like looking through a telescope. You can see your entire life, as if it were distant and far away, but magnified, right before your eyes.

Through the perspective of an astrologer, this astrology & tarot reading will help you gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of your life, as well as all the unique characters within it.
Astrology can unlock understanding of strange phenomenon.

Importantly, you can see your own talents and blessings through the lens of someone who studies the world using the ancient art of astrology!

Through empathy and devoted study of astrology and tarot, Penny truly connects with the people she reads for.

Special time and attention will be devoted to you, as Penny prepares for the astrology reading before the encounter and then continues to reflect even after the call ends. You will be in good hands once you book a reading.

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Penny started sharing videos about astrology in 2012, promoting the understanding of others and contributing to global knowledge ever since.

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The online astrology climate has evolved a lot over the years. Some consider Penny to have been a pioneer. Although she was not the first, the second, or the third person to start posting about astrology online, the calling was so strong, it was one she could not ignore.
She begin by offering hundreds of free readings on Facebook and accepted her first paid client in 2013.

10+ Years Worth of Astrology Albums

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1 review for Astrology & Tarot Reading over the Phone with Penny

  1. Taylor

    Penny has been my go to reader for years now. Not only is she super friendly, but she is also extremely accurate with her readings. She has given me peace of mind & clarity during some of the most difficult times of my life. 10/ 10 recommend her!

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