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With a wealth of experience, Penny Astrology excels in the art of connecting people with their soulmates through self-knowledge, offering invaluable insights into helping you find the perfect match. This report artfully illuminates your love patterns, unveiling the magnetic forces that draw you in, the potential pitfalls to be aware of, and the strategies to unlock the full potential of your love life.

Let Penny be your guide among the constellations, leading you to the happiness and love that you undeniably deserve, that is your birth right, courtesy of this exclusive Ideal Lover Report. Delivered to your inbox in either a captivating video presentation or an eloquently written document, this report your personalized key to enriching relationships.


Natal Placements

A divine map of who you are, your birth chart reveals boundless information about you and your life.
The Ideal Love Report by Penny Astrology will uncover patterns within your relationships, aiding you in seeking out a healthy, soul-level connection.


Expressing Love

Our love language is vital to a healthy relationship. Finding someone who honors and appreciates the way we express our love is instrumental to the success of a healthy soul-level connection.
Learn more about how you express your love in the Ideal Lover Report.

Your Needs

What you need in order to feel healthy and safe in love is highlighted by your astrological makeup.

This astrology love reading will provide insightful guidance not only into what type of partner you need, but also serve as a cognitive reminder of your needs. The ability to visually re-read the words of this report will aid you in explaining your needs to your partner.


We all change and grow over time. This reading will provide insight into how your growth has influenced your love life.

Ideal Partner

Astrology provides us with options. Especially if you have been manifesting toxic people into your life, you will want to step out of that pattern and learn to use your own natural inclinations to find genuine chemistry with a partner who is good for you.
Discover how to do this.


How to Meet the Love of Your Life

Your astrological chart reveals certain secrets as to how you will meet your long term partner. This may include location as well as association or mutual connections. This report is like a compass that can help you to identify whose who in your love life (and to find the one you’re destined for!)


The Ideal Lover Report

by Penny Astrology





1 review for Ideal Lover Report

  1. Danielle (verified owner)

    Reading Penny’s report was like watching a movie of my life. She pointed out So. Many. Things. Things I have already experienced and know to be true, so I have no doubt that the things mentioned about where and how I might meet my ideal mate will also be true.

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