Wake-up call with Penny


In a 5-30 minute phone call, I will wish you a good morning and elaborate on the planetary energies that are coming your way today.

Due to the intensely personal and specialized labor that goes into these services, they are not available to the general public.
Email me at penny@penny-astrology.com to see if we are a good fit or if I need to refer you elsewhere. 🙂
Please include your full date of birth (including the year, time, and city of birth if you are able) and any background information you wish to give.


Starting your day off right is so important. As someone with Saturn in the 6th house, I have become a big fan of daily rituals! I am dedicated to providing daily astrology readings that will illuminate your day and intensify the joy and blessings that you receive.

I enjoy waking up before sunrise, but I have also had many times where I have slept in late. I am sympathetic and supportive of both life styles.

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