Sexual Desire Report


***18+ only***
Stay in the know about your partner’s desires in bed. Order this Mars sign Sexual Desire report.
This report reveals kinks, favorite positions, and turn-ons. Discover your partner’s innate sexual pleasure personality.

Sexual desire reports can be stored on your phone. This way, you can pull it out and use it at your own convenience.

Don’t know your mars sign? Click here to find out.
Penny-Astrology’s natal chart calculator will display your Mars Sign and important placements and aspects in your natal chart.

Disclaimer: Please talk to your partner. Ensure proper consent & safety before performing any sexual act.

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Sex in astrology reveals a great many of our secret desires.

The sexual desire report by Penny Astrology is your convenient guide.
Get a stunningly good idea of what your partner wants during sex. Even if they are too shy to explain their desires, the information in this report can help you amplify their pleasure.
Is your partner confident and self-aware enough to explain what they want? Are they elaborating on the specifics? The Sexual Desire Report will fill in the blanks.

Are you too shy to say what you want? Use this report, and email it to your lover. Crack through that barrier that stands between you and your pleasure!

So how do I know all this stuff?
Well, I was a stripper for three years. You already know I am an internationally renowned astrologer, now going on nine years of professional practice. My secret is that I used stripping to help me study astrology. In turn, I also used astrology to help me succeed as a stripper. It wasn’t my good looks that made me a top earner in the clubs; it was these secrets of seduction. My experience gave me knowledge of what men (and women, and everyone) secretly want during sex. You too can have this knowledge, as long as you know your target’s Mars sign!

Mars is the planet that will affect sex the most. Therefore, please be sure you know your target’s Mars sign.
Venus, Psyche, and Eros will prove to be useful as well, so follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my email list. Stay up to date on the latest insight from my studies of astrology.
Use the natal chart calculator here if you do not yet know your target’s Mars sign.

In 2017, Penny had begun doing 30 minutes long videos on how to give each Mars sign an orgasm. Her Youtube channel was nearly 100% demonetized as punishment for uploading the sex series.
What remains of the series is now available on Patreon.
However, very similar information can be found in this sexual desire report. It is organized in a much more convenient manner, and can be downloaded to your phone.

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