Sexual Desire Report


***18+ only***
This pocket-sized reference page can be stored on your phone and will tell you what your favorite partner likes in bed.

If you do not already know your Mars Sign, please go here to find out.
Once you fill out the form and hit submit, the natal chart calculator will reveal your Mars Sign as well as your other planets, houses, and aspects.



Former sex worker, and astrologer, Penny Astrology, shares her secrets of how to turn on the signs… and keep them turned on.
Please be sure to use your Mars sign, which can be found on my natal chart calculator here.

Penny had begun doing 30 minutes long videos for how to give each Mars sign an orgasm, on Youtube, but her channel was nearly 100% demonetized after uploading the first few videos.

Additional information

Mars Sign

Mars in Aries, Mars in Taurus, Mars in Gemini, Mars in Cancer, Mars in Leo, Mars in Virgo, Mars in Libra, Mars in Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius, Mars in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius, Mars in Pisces


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