Annual Financial Growth Report


Your personal astrologer, Penny, guides you on a journey of financial growth for this unique year of your life.
In this two-page report, Penny will illustrate the nuances of your Solar Return Chart, specifically in relation to money.
Let this report illuminate your path to higher earnings, empower you with wisdom and awareness, and aid you with peace of mind.

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Due to the intensely personal and specialized labor that goes into these services, they are not available to the general public.
Email me at to see if we are a good fit or if I need to refer you elsewhere. 🙂
Please include your full date of birth (including the year, time, and city of birth if you are able) and any background information you wish to give.

Before purchasing an annual report, it is recommended to first get your natal reports done.
Below are two options that can help get you started.

Money Manifestation Report

or the

Complete Personality Profile



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