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Dive into the vibrant waters of your personality, revealing profound truths about yourself. Acquire an intimate comprehension of your unique strengths and challenges, with insight on how to capitalize on them, through this personalized astrological report completed by Penny, astrologer of over ten years.

Your astrological birth chart is like a divine map of the Heavens, bestowing answers and lifelong guidance.

Penny will devote time to meditation and deep reflection upon your chart to provide you with unparalleled insights into various aspects of your life, encompassing love, career, family, and more.

Please note that due to the intensely personalized nature of this service, it cannot be done for everyone.
Although this report is not available, you are welcome to email me at 🙂

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self discovery through astrology

Self Discovery

Discovering oneself is like embarking on an exhilarating voyage. The depths of your being harbor more to be explored. Like turning the pages of an ancient manuscript, the thrill of uncovering layer after layer of your essence will send chills up your spine. There’s an underlying sense of liberation, as you unearth your authentic self. It’s a dance of both light and dark, an exploration of strengths versus vulnerability. Ultimately, the journey of self-discovery is a transformative experience—a process of becoming intimately acquainted with the truest version of yourself, and finding the path to living an authentic, fulfilling life.

Significant Themes

Like a tapestry woven by the cosmos, the map of your life illustrates an overall theme. The unique beauty of your existence is found within your astrological chart.
It is from here that you begin to understand, using this personalized astrological report as a guide.

significant themes in your birth chart

unique astrological aspects

Unique Aspects

What rare aspects exist within your natal chart?
These are identified and highlighted within the Astrological Portrait.

A Surprise Segment

Based on your unique balance of energies, there may be a topic within your astrological chart that requires additional time and dedication.

Higher Calling

This calling may be separate from your career, or they could be one and the same.
Your astrological chart provides a map, guiding you to the divinity within.
A professional astrologer is qualified to interpret this map and illustrate your path.

Keys to Success

Keys to success are revealed within the birth chart.
A personalized reading brings understanding.

Material Blessings

Each individual has their own unique blessings.
A natural path to living prosperously – one that is unique to you, is illustrated in your birth chart.
The Astrological Portrait serves as a tangible reminder of life’s abundant blessings, showering you in the joy and abundance that has always been available.

Emotional Experiences

Everyone experiences emotions differently. Your depths deserve to be seen.

The Astrological Portrait explains the nuances of one’s very essence.


Our unique colors fill our lives with joy, but many of these colors are veiled, even to our own eyes.
Reclaim the beauty of who you are by taking a moment to submerse yourself in your celestial alignments, through an in depth, personalized astrology report.

Love Life

Your quest for love may feature various NPCs, people after nothing of any use to you, as well as various obstacles.

Lifelong Romance

Discover lasting love in this journey through the depths of your very being.
Learn about your soul level commitments and how to nourish them as you flow through harmonious existence.

Sex Appeal

Aphrodite and her son, Eros, are a part of your energetic makeup.
The God of War, Ares, was considered to be irresistible to the Goddess of sex and love. Discover what irresistible traits are in your arsenal, by seeing where these energies lie within your chart.

Innate Talent

The celestial bodies that grant you your innate talents are always available to you.
A personalized astrology report can identify these energies.


The very last segment of this report is a summary.


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How This Began

My study of astrology was an accidental obsession. I was trying to do something that society (and my parents) would be proud of me for… and astrology did not seem to be it.

I actually did not believe in astrology. Still, in humoring others, I begin to learn about the twelve signs… but this left me with so many questions. I was very skeptical, and still not a believer, but I became intensely curious.

I felt lonely and misunderstood.

For quite some time, I stopped sleeping. My mind was starved for answers. I absolutely needed to understand myself and others, so that I could feel connected. I needed to be understood, but I wanted someone else to do it for me… unfortunately, no one was offering a service like this.

Once I started to believe in astrology, I dreamt of having a personalized astrology report. I longed for someone to truly understand me. This is what motivated me to hone in on my skills, alongside my desire to understand others and be a friend to someone. Finally, I wrote a personalized astrological report for myself, just to see if I could… and then this became my very first service as an astrologer back in September of 2013. It was my very first offering.

Since then, these personalized astrology reports have grown immensely. My obsession and passion for astrology has not wavered, although I do get better sleep now.

I am always learning more about celestial bodies, human personalities, and the practical applications of our celestial alignment.



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