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The Mutable Earth Sign

by Penny Astrology

Everyone has flaws, but can we still find a way to love them?
Yes, yes Venus in Virgo can!
But should they…?

They are super picky… so who is Venus in Virgo compatible with?
Venusian Virgos are most compatible with other Earth signs and Water signs.
Watch this video to help you decide for yourself who is the person that is worth trusting with your own heart.

This video includes loads of information about what they are like in a relationship, for better or worse. They are willing to give a lot, even though they may be a bit critical at times.

Sex with them will vary depending on their Mars sign, but there are certain similarities across the board for all Virgo Venus people.
Compatibility will also vary depending on other planetary placements and aspects, so you really have to look at the whole chart in order to find your soulmate.

Their best match, if you ignore all other aspects of the chart, would have to be their fellow Virgo Venus people, Venus in Taurus, Venus in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio, or Venus in Capricorn.
Venus in Virgo with Venus in Leo is interesting, but they do not always understand each other. The same thing goes for their compatibility with Venus in Libra, Venus in Aquarius, and Venus in Aries.

Venus in Gemini would be challenging for them due to a clash of opinions, as would Venus in Sagittarius, and even Venus in Pisces… despite Venus in Pisces being a good match for them in other ways.

People with Venus in the 6th House will relate to certain aspects of what I’ve said in the video.

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