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‘Venus in Libra’

Venus in Libra

by Penny Astrology

The Venus in Libra’s secret list of checkpoints you must meet in order to date them is… well… a little intimidating.

Who is Venus in Libra compatible with?
Venus in Libra people are most compatible with other Arie signs and Fire signs.
They seem to have an affinity for Venus in Pisces, and sometimes that one works and sometimes it ends in heart break.

Venus in Libra makes for a reliable partner, but they may seem really hard to get!
Sex with them will vary depending on their Mars sign, but there are certain similarities across the board for all Libra Venus people.

Compatibility will also vary depending on other planetary placements and aspects, so you really have to look at the whole chart in order to find your soulmate.

Their best match, if you ignore all other aspects of the chart, would have to be their fellow Taurus Libra people, Venus in Gemini, Venus in Aquarius, Venus in Leo, or Venus in Sagittarius.
Venus in Scorpio with Venus in Libra I can be pretty steamy, but the steam might evaporate even after a small fight. The same thing goes for their compatibility with Venus in Aries, Venus in Virgo, and Venus in Taurus.

Venus in Aries could be really good if there is clear communication (this will depend on Mercury aspects in synastry).

People with Venus in the 7th House will have a few things in common with Venus in Libra.

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