Meditation Session


Choose between a personal or group practice, daily, once a week, or one time only.
Meditation can change your life, and it will undoubtedly change you for the better when you do it every day.
You will be more productive, more mindful, and more kind to those you love.

If you are able to pay for even one session, I encourage you to use what we learn in that session to continue with a daily practice.

It may be helpful to have me as a guide, but once you get the hang of it, you will not truly need me (but you still may prefer to have a guided session once a week).

The group sessions have no limit as far as I am concerned; the more the merrier. It can be friends, colleagues, or random people who want to get healthy (internally) among the company of others.
Some video conference apps may have restrictions on how many people we can have at once. If we find ourselves meeting the limit, we will find a solution together.

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Congrats on purchasing your virtual meditation session with Penny Astrology! You may want to get your natal chart calculated in order to see what kind of information I use in order to assess your person needs.

In addition to that, please use the contact form and tell me about your goals and why you wanted to book a personalized meditation session.

Soon I will be contacting you to schedule dates and determine which video conference app we will be using.
I typically prefer with Microsoft Teams or Zoom, but I am willing to use whichever you prefer.

Meditation is an amazing and transformative wellness practice. I am looking forward to meeting with you (virtually).

In the mean time, please fill out the form below.
As you wait, you may want to check out Silver Sun Astrology on Facebook or Youtube for information on recent astrological events and a better understanding of yourself.

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Single Session, Daily for One Week, Weekly for 4 Weeks

Will this be a group or personal session?

Group, Personal


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