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Harness the power of this energy with the Dark Moon Lilith Astrology Report. This reading is sent in via email and in PDF format.
Dark Moon Lilith is a powerful, feminine energy. Her darkness can cause self-sabotage. Alas, with the fruit of knowledge, you can break free.


Dark Moon Lilith

The Dark Moon Lilith Astrology Report sheds light upon darkness. Certain parts of you may be easy to ignore or shove to the side, but they continue to influence life nonetheless. 

In 2018, Penny exposed her own Lilith placement in a video on Youtube.
Penny Astrology’s study and research on Dark Moon Lilith has come a long way since then. In result of her diligence, this customized Dark Moon Lilith Report reveals the forbidden fruits of effort and understanding.

Lilith is a misunderstood symbol of gender equality. In a time when women were expected to be obedient to men, Lilith was seen as being evil for having disobeyed. This made here an outcast and various rumors were spread about her.

We all have this chaotic energy within us.
Find your Black Moon Lilith placement
Lilith can be disruptive, but really she just needs to be seen.

Astrologically, Dark Moon Lilith can be the explanation for countless problems or disruptions in life. These things tend to be problematic due to the constrained energy that comes from feeling as if some part of your essence is unacceptable. There can be a lot of shame surrounding this point in a chart. Even certain traumas relate back to your Dark Moon Lilith placement.

Knowledge of this is important.
See if information on your Lilith Sign is available in Penny’s Library

Dark Moon Lilith is a point that is calculated in relation to the moon.
This article by Aliza Kelly explains it well.

There is also an asteroid named Lilith; this asteroid is a separate astrological body that was discovered later on. Dark Moon Lilith, also referred to as Waltemath’s Moon, was discovered by Walter Gornold in 1918. There is not much about this online, but you can read more about it on Wikipedia.

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  1. Vittoria (verified owner)

    I was a bit intimidated or scared of what she was going to dig up in this reading. If you are weary, I would say, don’t be. This reading is incredibly tuned in, concise and heart felt. She got into the root without poking around. It was an extremely satisfying & whole-making experience. I honestly couldn’t believe it -she pin pointed things I truly thought I was going to be confused over forever! She gets it! Not to mention, her voice comes through and is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend this reading from Penny, especially if you are have a prominent Lilith.

  2. snapchat usernames aesthetic

    Just wanted to say thanx!

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