Dog Astrology Reading


A dog astrology reading is a unique gift in understanding your dog. Do they have special gifts? What challenges do they face? What is their calling in life?
This virtual report will explain your dog’s natural abilities, as well as including sections on talents and training.
You have a special option to add a section on trauma in order to better understand your dog’s past, for an additional $49. This is recommended for rescued dogs.


A dog astrology reading is a unique gift in understanding your dog.
Maybe you have already found your dog’s sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign, but want to know more about what this means for them.


Your dog may have special gifts, like empathy or stress reduction. Perhaps you have already noticed them. A dog astrology  reading will  confirm and solidify  your canine friend’s new found talents.

Your Dog’s Special Gifts

Just like people, dogs face challenges. Understand those challenges by getting a reading for your canine friend.
Penny Astrology will also provide special tips and insight for combatting these challenges.


It is ok if you do not know!
Use your best guess
Anything you would like to include about you, your dog, or who you are buying this report for!

Penny has been taking her dog, Coco, to the dog park, pretty frequently… and of course, she asks everyone there about their dog’s Zodiac sign! Collecting as many doggie birthdays as she can, Penny has learned quite a log about dog astrology!
Your dog’s sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, Mars, Venus, and Chiron all have unique meaning, and affect how you interact with your dog (as well as how they interact with others!)
Every dog has a calling in life, just like we do!

Coco, Penny’s dog, is the star of this video, ‘Dog Astrology 101’

Additional information

Do you want to know about trauma that has affected your dog?



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