Fitness Report – Mars Sign Based


Your success, health, and confidence depend on your ability to find an exercise routine that is ideal for your personality.

This specialized report will empower you to exercise in ways that you ENJOY.
This is a special opportunity to connect with your body and spirit. Once you learn to enjoy your true self…  Getting the body of your dreams will come effortlessly.

Show this to your personal trainer or fire your personal trainer and join a dance class instead!

Use my Natal Chart Calculator in order to find your Mars Sign. Your sun sign will also resonate, but these reports were written specifically for Mars signs.
Feel free to Contact Me with questions.

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Fitness astrology is a lesser known topic, because not all astrologers are fitness instructors! Penny has certifications in multiple fitness formats, and has taught classes for over three years.
By looking at the star charts of her fitness clients, she came to see the patterns in who enjoyed which exercises the most!
It is really important to find the routine that suits you and your own unique astrology sign. Particularly by looking at the planet Mars, we can see what athletic secrets astrology holds for you.

Use the Natal Chart Calculator in order to know which Mars Sign is YOURS!
If you have any trouble, feel free to Contact Me

Fitness is a personal journey of finding yourself and enjoying who you are, much like astrology. Living in your own body is a unique experience that cannot be replaced by anything else. Combining the spiritual and the physical will bring you to a much more fulfilling experience.
Health starts from the inside, so it is important to use more than just the gym equipment. Using your self-realization tools will allow you to create change starting from the inside.

Unhealthy living comes from patterns. Tools like meditation can be used to consciously break those patterns.
If you would like to set up a meditative session, this could also help you on your fitness journey.
Penny is a certified meditation instructor as well as a certified group fitness instructor.
Although not currently teaching fitness classes open to the public, Penny has always been very enthusiastic about making sure that people enjoy working out.

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