• Dark Side
    Lilith in Aries is known for having a trail of haters. For better or for worse, they leave their mark. Their reputation proceeds them. When they get ticked off, people feel it. It leaves an impact.
  • Manipulation
    Punishments are a specialty of this Lilith placement. Furthermore, they may deliberately cause others pain or strife, but only under the right circumstances. So what exactly triggers them…? Evidently, they don’t like being challenged. When someone questions their power, potential, or other wises disrespects them… Lilith in Aries defends themself in a way that can be seen as ruthless. Understandably, they enjoy making people regret crossing them. Getting the last laugh is satisfying. Thus seduced by the “feel good” moment, once they’ve gotten the best of someone, they can appear to have no remorse. Conquering an enemy feels almost like owning an enemy… as a trophy.
    The “victim” will feel helpless and disempowered. The Lilith in Aries native will live in their enemy’s mind rent free forever.
  • Empowerment
    Acting on instincts, they frequently turn heads, and no one can successfully shame them out of it. They trust what they feel. Obtaining victory on their own terms and doing what makes them feel good is everything.
  • Sex
    There is a side to this placement that is very feral and very sexy. Even the most socially ostracized Lilith in Aries person will have a surprising degree of sexual prowess. Their untethered nature creates uncontrollable sexual desire.

Lilith in Astrology

Lilith in Aries

This article is based on the Black Moon Lilith, which is a point along the moon’s orbit.

“Obtaining victory on their own terms and doing what makes them feel good is everything.”

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