Chiron in Libra a beautiful mess

Chiron in Libra

Everything can be perfect and still feel like an absolute mess. Chiron in Libra has hidden wounds, even as the surface of life remains beautiful.

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Chiron in Libra Childhood


In childhood, the adults surrounding Chiron in Libra put a lot of pressure on them, even in ways that did not make any sense. This results in fears of unfair punishment as well as creating the sensation of sky-high, impossible to reach expectations.

This happens because the caretakers of Chiron in Libra projected their hopes and dreams onto the child.

In some instances, Chiron in Libra is happy to oblige, but other times, they resent this bittersweet sense of control.

It is possible that they will come to appreciate the positive aspects of this “encouragement” later in life… even though it wreaks with the toxicity of unresolved issues.

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Chiron in Libra Parents

Parental Influence

Most likely, one of your parents view you as an extension of yourself. They may have been afraid to admit this, but they saw you and projected onto you the second chance that they’d wished they had. You may be named after one of your parents or be expected to carry on family names and traditions.

This could feel intrusive as you seek your own identity. Depending on your own personal Chiron aspects, some day, you might grow to appreciate it, or take honor in upholding the family name.

Chiron in Libra typically winds up feeling conflicted or confused about who they, are at some point in time. This makes them vulnerable to peer pressure. While your parents or guardians created a pattern within you, where you meet expectations and let others make decisions for you, getting stuck in this loop often means that you wind up letting your peers have influence over you as well. While letting everyone else tell them what to do and what to be, the young Chiron in Libra individual may rebel by letting yet another person, but someone less wise and less caring, tell them what they should be doing. This is an ironic attempt at escaping the control by seeking out even more controlling relationships in life.

What is really happening is that someone in your life did not live their own life to its fullest. Instead of recognizing and correcting the mistake, they try to take over the Chiron in Libra individual’s life. Perhaps without meaning to, they wreak havoc on your free will.

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Chiron in Libra Role Models

Role Models

Having good role models is very important for Chiron in Libra. Being exactly like them is not necessary, neither is doing everything they say or do. A good role model will want you to embrace your own true talents and inclinations. They live their own life, being true to themself, and encourage you to do the same.
Better yet, you can imagine the person you wish to become. Visualize as much detail as you possibly can! Spend a good 10-20 minutes doing this and consider making it a daily habit.

While you may have learned some necessary skills from your parents, or even one particular skill that has saved you… They still created confusion regarding your free will and individuality. They took the reigns in moments that would have been critical in developing your own decision making skills.

You may think, “Well I have no idea what I would have chosen anyway,” and maybe you are right. Perhaps letting others guide you is a big and important piece of who you are. There is something humble about taking the advice of others (as long as you are not letting them boss you around).

Being confused, however, or being a people pleasure to the point of self-undoing… is not healthy.
You don’t have to agree to everything that is requested of you.
make sure that all of your contracts and relationships are in your own best interest.

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Chiron in Libra is likely to have an overactive Heart Chakra.

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