Chiron in Libra

Everything can be perfect and still feel like an absolute mess.
When a Chiron in Libra person is a child, adults tend to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on them. They usually wind up feeling like they are being unfairly punished, or that expectations are just too high.The parents or guardians of Chiron in Libra tend to project their hopes and dreams onto their children. Sometimes, the Chiron in Libra child is happy to oblige, and other times, they resent it or do not appreciate what they have until an older age.

One of your parents likely felt like you were an extension of them, even if they were afraid to admit it. Many Chiron in Libra people are named after one of their parents, or expected to carry on the family name.
This could feel intrusive, like you don’t have your own identity. Depending on your own personal Chiron aspects, some day, you might grow to appreciate it, or take honor in upholding the family name.

Chiron in Libra typically winds up feeling conflicted or confused about who they are at some point, and may fall victim to pee pressure. While stuck in the loop of letting everyone else tell you what to do and what to be, the young Chiron in Libra may rebel by letting yet another person, but someone less wise and less caring, tell them what they should be doing.

Having good role models is very important for you. You don’t have to be just like them and do everything they say to do, and a good role model would not want this anyway. A good role model just wants you to do what’s best for you, and they live their own life being true to themself.
Better yet, you can imagine the person you want to become. Think in as much detail as you possibly can! Spend a good 10-20 minutes doing this.

While you may have learned some necessary skills from your parents, or even one particular skill that has saved your life… They still created a bit of confusion, in the way they refused to let you figure out your own identity.
You may think, “Well I have no idea what I would have chosen anyway,” and maybe you are right. Maybe letting others guide you is a big and important piece of who you are. There is something humble about taking the advice of others (as long as you are not letting them boss you around).

Being confused, however, or being a people pleasure to the point of self-undoing… is not healthy.
You don’t have to agree to everything that anyone else says.
make sure that all of your contracts and relationships are in your own best interest.

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