Chiron in Virgo

This may surprise you, but Chiron in Virgo is actually pretty difficult to read.
Does that surprise you, Chiron in Virgo? You, the one who sees into everyone else… and naturally assumes that others can do the same with you? ;P

Here are some of my observations about people who have Chiron in Virgo:
Unintentionally attracting attention
Not looking directly at the camera
Harsh on self
Desire to be physically perfect, but knowing you will never meet that unrealistic expectation
Anger towards self
Disposition towards self harm

Chiron in Virgo…
You are a smart person, and you try to be task oriented, but you  people always get caught up in things that don’t really matter.
It’s frustrating. Everyone seems so shallow. You always seem to attract people who like you for your looks, and yet yourself feel that you will never be good enough. You will never be physically perfect, and you know it. You don’t feel like you are internally perfect either.
Sometimes you feel awkward with the amount of attention you attract.
Why you?
Why are you getting all of this attention?

As a kid, you likely had some sort of illness that worried your family. Maybe it was asthma, childhood obesity, a learning disorder… Something of that nature. It was something you internalized. You viewed yourself as lesser, because you were taught that you had a disadvantage.
For some of you, it might have been a misdiagnosis… But it still gave you perspective.

Nonetheless, you blame yourself for a lot of things. You hold a lot of anger and resentment towards yourself.
That Chiron in Virgo inner-voice tends to make you feel like everyone else must see it too… How imperfect you are, and how much pain you hold inside.
Sometimes you don’t realize that most others don’t even pay enough attention to be able to notice all the imperfections, pain, or vulnerability, that you notice.

You are like a surgeon when it comes to deep, internal pain. You can see it and identify it very quickly. You also tend to know what the solution is.

Nonetheless, none of us can effectively perform surgery on ourselves.
When you look at yourself, you may feel like EVERYTHING is the problem… It is just a big mess in there!
This can be very daunting… Where do you even start?! How can you fix all of this?
The point is that you try… And usually, you do a good job.
The problem, however, is that you never feel like you do a good job.
You keep digging into yourself harder and harder, looking for the next problem to pull out of you.

You are extremely critical of yourself, and the criticism can result in additional stress.
Which can affect your health too.

Finding work that keeps you busy, likely work that involves helping others, will help you de-stress.
This could be volunteer work, work in the medical field, nursing homes, or working with animals.

What is hard is that a lot of peoole will want to throw you into a career position that does not actually make you happy. They see certain potential, and they have their own agenda.
It is hard to say no when something has high pay, or if it tempts you in some other way.
Just make sure that this does not consume all of your time. You need time to be you.
You need to reclaim yourself as your own person, and not a trophy.


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