Chiron in Taurus

We’re born into this world where, in a way, sensations are what define our experiences.
For Chiron in Taurus, however, there is a blockage.In this life, our senses pick up on feelings, smells, textures. They store all this information at a million miles per hour, often more quickly than we can even realize it. So what happens when these sensations get mixed up with trauma?Chiron in Taurus, or even Chiron in the 2nd house, indicates that trauma got mixed into your senses at a young age.
Certain experiences, whether it be food, sex, or physical touch, felt like they were ruined for you.

Your ability to experience life as a sensual being was therefor damaged. Certain foods and activities that brought joy and pleasure for others were “ruined” for you.

In some way, you shut yourself down. You turned yourself off, because of this painful experience.

You may enjoy cooking for others, even if it is food that you yourself can’t seem to enjoy without regret and trauma tainting the experience.

Giving others pleasure, and in turn realizing that you yourself are a creature if pleasure, is a key to your healing… But you have to do it on your own terms.

Discovering yourself as a sensual being is what restores you.

In order to find wholeness, and enjoy what others do, it may feel like you are constantly taking baby steps, looking for ways to make the experience seem less threatening.

You are not a fast healer, by any means, and you may at times stubbornly say, “NO!” to healing.
This is only natural, because your consent and your approval is the key to your healing. You have to heal on your own terms.
You have to choose life, choose joy, choose pleasure, and never turn your back on yourself.
Doing things that put you in harms way, or damage your health, is something that you must learn to protect yourself from.

Working on your Root Chakra and your Sacral Chakra can help you create the foundation you need for healing.

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