Chiron in Leo

Chiron in Leo indicates wounded self esteem. It likely came from something that happened aa a child… But what was it exactly?
Was it bullying? You seemed like the reigning conqueror of all your bullies… So why would you care about that?

You did gain a certain self imagine, and maybe began to view yourself as an outsider. Feeling like other people didn’t really like you or understand you made it hard to connect with others, and your heart started to close off.
You began blaming yourself for this, “I must not be good enough.”
In attempt to redeem yourself, you likely connected this feeling of “I must not be good enough,” back to one activity, or one skillset, that seemed to impress people… You fixated on this, and tried to win peoples’ affection by working hard to impress them.

This activity may have made you feel better about yourself, and that is really what matters.
For example, I have Chiron in Leo, and boxing made me feel good about myself. I don’t think it changed my relationship with anyone else, however. It really only changed my relationship with me.

For the Chiron in Leo athlete, other people may still have refused to be there for you. At times, it felt like you had no love or support.
At some point, you realize that this skill is not the answer. It is just a hobby that create joy… Maybe joy itself is the answer.
Joy is one thing Chiron in Leo often neglects, or forgets about.

The struggle to feel good about yourself, Chiron in Leo, can be cured with joy.
Joy makes you feel good about yourself, and it needs to be amplified as much as possible.

The specific people in your life, the ones you tried to win over, are really not meant for you at all.
Even if impressing them had worked, that would just mean that they are shallow. They are only there for you when you are doing something that impresses them.
Chiron in Leo people don’t really want fake friends.

Where is the real love though?
You may spend a good part of your life trying to fill the hole in your heart.
You need to find genuine love for yourself, first and foremost. Love will not be found in what you are capable of doing, and not in what you wear or look like either. Love is about the person who exists beneath the exterior, and beneathe the material. Love is about the soul, and it is about joy.
You do not need to justify your existence, or your “deservingness”.

Just be. Be love, be joy, just be.

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