Chiron in Gemini

If your Chiron is in Gemini, this means that someone else was always talking over you. As a child, as an adult… There is always some other voice that thinks it is better than yours, Chiron in Gemini. They think that they can speak for you… That they can decide who you are.
The dynamic nature of Chiron in Gemini can seem more easily malleable. In some ways you use this to your advantage, and in other ways, it causes you strife.

You often find yourself doing things you don’t like… and taking on rolls you don’t like.
These roles exist at work, in relationships, family dynamics, or all of the above.

It might feel like nobody listens. They all want you to be somebody else for them.
Many Chiron in Gemini people find self-destructive ways to reject the roles that other people force on them… Too often, they find that self-destruction feels good. Self-destruction, to Chiron in Gemini, can feel like self reclaiming… And yet it is not.

When Chiron in Gemini is ready to do away with the false image, they will destroy the false image instead of destroying themself.
If you are instead destroying yourself, through starvation, through drug use, through lies (namely lies about what you want and who you are.. and this includes lies of omission, Chiron in Gemini)… Then it is probably because you actually like wearing two hats. You like your secret identitity. Maybe it makes you feel like the real you will be kept safe, somewhere where it can’t be damaged…
As if you are saving the real you for a rainy day. Some day when finally, you are able to come out and be authentically you.
Maybe only when you have become truly bored of all other outcomes will you choose to do this.

Writing and singing are two of your biggest outlets for freedom. Your voice will only be heard when you use it.

Mind over matter is the biggest matter there is for Chiron in Gemini.
Once you choose your healing, there is little else that will stop you.
Positive affirmations and taking notes on who you are and what you want are is a big power move.

Working on your Throat Chakra can help you use your voice to live the life that you want.

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