Chiron in Cancer

If you have Chiron in Cancer, it is certain that your family wanted you to be a certain way.
Maybe they taught you toxic positivity, or that you absolutely HAD to hug your creepy uncle, or that all of your bad experiences in life were just lies.

In a way, Chiron in Cancer is the underdog of their family… Even if the Chiron in Cancer person’s family acts like they are the golden child… Chiron in Cancer may have seriously questioned whether or not their family actually has their back.

It seems like a bit if a “fair weather family”.
This doesn’t mean you don’t love them… But you may have spent your childhood feeling like you need to be passive, or overly sweet.
Your emotions and your inner pain had to be repressed. They seeped up to the surface only in the form of bitterness and represses anger.

Your “rebellious phase” may have come a bit later than most.
The pressure to be a goodie two shoes was quite strong.
The real you, Chiron in Cancer, is likely a bit of a bad ass.
You are tough, you are angry, you are unstoppable.

Once you no longer do everything your family expects of you, they may seem a bit offended…
“Who even are you?!” they might ask…

There are some pushy and domineering people in your family… Hence the struggle of Chiron in Cancer…
Perhaps on the bright side, your family is strong willed, and they encourage you to take opportunities.
Still, it might feel like they don’t actually care. It could feel as if they are using you to make themselves look good.

Every Chiron in Cancer person must recover from family issues.
Learning to care for yourself… Your emotional well being, and gaining a sense of security… Is a process…
Your family may have left you feeling like “no one” has your back… So how will you ever feel safe?

Working on your root chakra is a good place to start. There is always someone who has your back, whether they are spiritual or physical in nature. Praying for protection and safety, and learning to love yourself, are other key factors in healing.

You have an innate need for “family”, so it is important not to deny yourself of that.
Do not simply say “I do not need family. I do not need love.”
While on one end, this sets you free, and it allows you to escape from an abusive, toxic, or controlling situation… So it may be a necessary sentiment in the beginning… But once you move past this, you will need to remember that you still have needs.

Your family must be self-built, and it may not look like a normal family, but loving the people who love you is a vital part of your life.

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