Chiron in Aries

The urge to heal through fire is within you. You may want to burn bridges, even when you are wise enough to know that you ought to keep the connection. Fighting and standing up for yourself is your greatest gateway to inner peace. Learning to be your own number one ally is the key to inner emotional peace.
You may be tempted to create more pain for yourself, even after you have healed. You never shy away from the deep emotional challenges.
When you feel something isimportant, you do it, regardless of the consequences.
Sometimes it is hard for you to keep up with yourself. It is like your emotions move at a thousand miles per hour and your mind sits back and wonders if it’s all ok.
This may give you a false appearance of confidence, where others believe that you have no self doubts, but you yourself know the truth of your pain.
Knowing the right actions to take is very important for you.
Every day will require conscious awareness of what truly is your number one priority, and your number one goal.

Anything that splits your focus can cause catastrophe. You may need people to contribute and believe in your purpose as strongly as you do… Otherwise you are likely better off flying solo.

Working on your Root Chakra and your Solar Plexus Chakra can help you create the foundation you need for healing.

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