Pallas Report by Penny


Find your inner Warrior Goddess.
Your Pallas sign can help you connect with the side of yourself that solves problems through intellect, that creates and contributes, and stays calm and reasonable even in hard times. This is what you are fighting for in life.

If you need help finding your Pallas sign, scroll down to get Penny’s help in the video tutorial.

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Need help finding Pallas in your chart?
Check out Penny’s video here on how to find Pallas in astrology.

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Pallas in Aries, Pallas in Taurus, Pallas in Gemini, Pallas in Cancer, Pallas in Leo, Pallas in Virgo, Pallas in Libra, Pallas in Scorpio, Pallas in Sagittarius, Pallas in Capricorn, Pallas in Aquarius, Pallas in Pisces


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