About Penny

The Straight Facts

Penny was born on August 11th, 1992. Her sun is in the 12th house, also putting Venus in her 12th and yet 4 degrees away from being in exact conjunction with her Virgo ascendant.

She was born in Dallas but grew up in Plano where she studied music, sports, and foreign language.

She moved out at age 17 when her parents decided that it would be best for her to get married. Her husband was a military man and they moved around frequently. She has lived in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and New York as well as Texas.

Shortly after she had her daughter, at age 21, she left her husband and drove back to Texas. Penny had hoped that this would only be a break from the marriage, so that her husband could decide what he wanted, but it was not. Her husband had his Saturn in the 7th house and despite her patience and willingness to cooperate, there was nothing she could do to have a healthy marriage.

She continued pursuing her education and expertise in astrology, but in her attempts to pay the bills while caring for a new baby, she also worked retail.

Working retail took a lot of her time away from astrology as well as the time she wanted to spend with her daughter. She has since seized working retail.

Penny has remained technically single for the majority of her time as a divorced adult, but has dated a wide variety of people and learned about many different astrological charts.

While she enjoys getting to know people, she has decided that it is not her purpose to be in a relationship.


Aside from astrology, psychology, and all things metaphysical (which Penny spends a good deal of time researching), Penny is head over heels in love with her life and experience as a martial artist. She has trained in taekwondo, hapkido, judo, jiu-jitsu, kajukenbo, and boxing.

She often feels like it is difficult to merge her hobbies of astrology and martial arts, as most people who are interested in one are not interested in the other.

Penny also likes dancing, crocheting, and hiding out at home under a blanket (probably one that she crocheted herself).

In her adolescence, she played lots of video games and still enjoys playing tabletop games with friends.

What Makes Penny an Authority on Astrology

Umm, hello.... It's my Venus in Virgo! Duuhh!!
I'm only kidding...
I am so intuitive and so analytical, which is a bit of a rare combination.
Most of this is because of my Virgo and 12th house placements.

Nonetheless, I believe that my personal life helped me, and perhaps even forced me to understand people on a deeper level.

I was very isolated as a child and as an adolescent. I was left on the outside looking in, and this allowed me to observe people without having any emotional investment in what was happening. I was an outcast no matter how I spun it; I knew that, and at that time I was ok with it.

It wasn't until my adult life that I decided that I wanted to make friends. Granted, I did not know how... So I read books!
I also Googled, "How to make friends".

I wanted astrology to show me the key to understanding people and having healthy relationships, and eventually it did.
I managed to become a very social and even somewhat charismatic person.

Since then, I have had many interpersonal relationships and learned a lot about people.

I still am a little bit robotic and at times unintentionally insensitive, but that is part of my own personality (astrology) and what has caused me to put forth the effort in the study of people. :)