Venus in the 4th House


The 4th house is a very private and intimate area of our lives, which is often times in contrast with the outside world's opinions of who we are.
Venus in the 4th house means that your relationships will be a more private area of your life. A part of you that is not meant to be public and that many other people will not truly understand.

Venus in the 4th house is always somewhat traditional, or innocent even, despite whatever persona they may have in their public life.
Yet despite being traditional, they still have plenty of room for being unconventional in that they break norms. More specifically, they are likely to break the norms of what is currently trendy. They will often be interested in maintaining and honoring traditional values, but they will not follow current norms that may be brought on by peer pressure or social status.
If they are rich, they may marry someone who is poor. If they are liberal, they may marry someone who is conservative or has very different world views in some other manner.
They are also very likely to get married young, out of passionate love, rather than "logic" or "reason".
They do not want to be judged for matters of the heart, and they most often will not care to hear anyone else's opinion on these matters.

They are very sensitive, and they wish to only share their heart behind closed doors, to a select few people.

Their love life is a side of them that they do not expect others to understand, so they will protect it. Their spouse or partner will be very important to them, and they do not want to hear criticism towards their spouse coming from others... no matter how much it may be warranted...

Because of this, they are prone to ending up in some very unhealthy relationships.
They will have to learn to protect them self and choose wisely so that they will not be taken advantage of.