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The life ofof a spiritual worker and teacher.

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Sample Reading #2


To be announced. :)

Sample Reading #3


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A full analysis of your natal chart and all of its aspects.
Includes a variety of sections on love, career, success, personal talents, and much more.

Find a deeper understanding of yourself for the years to come.

Please have your full date of birth, including the exact time and location.
Please be aware that purchasing now will reserve your spot.
I typically have a two month waiting list for this service.



For Returning customers

Have you purchased a full natal chart report from me in the past?

For those who have purchased an older version of my full natal chart reports, there are options to upgrade and add on to the service.
An older version of my full natal chart reports can be upgraded by paying the difference at a 10% discounted rate.
For example, if you were one of my first customers and you purchased a natal chart report for $100, then you may pay $410 (minus $41, for the discount) in order to get a modernized and updated version of the report.

More Upgrades and Add Ons Coming Soon

I will be adding more upgrades and potential add ons to this service.
Here is a list of upgrades I am considering:

Progressed Chart Report
This is basically an update of your natal chart, showing how you have changed over time and what phase of life you are currently at.)

Draconic Chart Report
This shows what you are like on a soul level, in addition to your current incarnation.

Synastry Chart Report

Synastry shows the full extent of a relationship, how two people interact, and what the relationship will entail.
Purchasing a full natal chart report will unlock the option of ordering synastry reports.


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