Venus in The Signs


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This informative, printable, pamphlet-style reading material will give you urgent information on each of the 12 Venus signs.
Find out what you need to know for dates, relationships, and more.
The pages of this book are in .JPG format and will be available for download on the phone as well as the computer, so you can take this information anywhere that you go!

The price of this pamphlet will go up once it is finished. Current purchasing is for pre-orders.
The release of the "book" will be announced on Facebook, YouTube, and sent out via email to those who have pre-ordered.

Help Me Write Books

I would like to be able to write books on love and relationships. Specifically, how we can use astrology to understand and love eachother better.

Donate to the book fund or contact me if you can help in any way!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card