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A single-question reading. You can answer questions like,

"What is my spiritual lesson for this week?" or "How does my romantic partner feel about me?"

The possibilities are endless!

These readings are sent via email report.


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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

  A “Yes or No” question reading to clarify your astrological report, or as a stand-alone. Ask ANY question that can be answered “Yes or No”!
Examples include: 'Should I', 'Am I', 'Will I' and 'Do they..' type questions.
This time-efficient option will not include an explanation, just a "yes", "no", "sort of", or "maybe" (indicating that the answer may depend on other factors).

I will use astrology and/or tarot to answer your question, but I will only give a one-to-two word answer.

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Please remember that birth data includes:
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Not all questions will require birth data for an answer, but you can include the information if you would like to. :)

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