Whackowitch Astrology

The hard working woman behind it

Penny Astrology was raised Catholic, but eventually had to accept that the religion did not suit her. She converted to Paganism in adulthood, and strongly resonates with Buddhist philosophy.

First and foremost, as an astrologer, Penny believes in not judging people. She has experienced much turmoil and her own life, and learned that people are not often what you’d expect.

In 2004, she made her Youtube channel, Whackowitch, which by age 2013 had become a full blown astrology channel.

Penny used to be very shy and she struggled socially. Astrology is one of the things that helped her branch out.
She was naturally gifted with astrology, gaining attention from day one.

Shortly after she started practicing, she went through a separation with her husband, which ultimately lead to divorce.

Even though Penny wanted to work things out and continued to strive for the best possible outcome, she already knew that certain aspects in astrology would most likely indicate divorce.

Raising her daughter helped her branch out and become more social..
This is when she got to combine her knowledge of astrology, as well as what she had already observed in people, with her actual interactions with them… and began making friends and seducing men.

In addition to studying astrology, Penny has studied martial arts, fitness, and delves into neuroscience.
She has a degree in healthcare management, and has had experience as a healthcare worker.


A Youtube channel originally created by Penny Astrology at age 12 has become a hub of astrological content.

Martial Arts

Penny began her martial arts training in 2012, after having been sheltered from both martial arts and witchcraft as a child.
She runs a project called
Boxing Mermaid, teaching boxing and self defense classes as well as encouraging people to train and referring them to gyms.

Boxing Mermaid

Jadey Jade

Deeply inspired by her daughter Jade, Penny became more social and motivated upon having her Scorpio daughter, Jade.
Jade appears in many of Penny’s Youtube videos.

Soul & Body

Penny is a certified Pop Pilates Instructors as well as a certified Group Fitness Instructor with a background in EMS and an Associates of Science.