Whackowitch Astrology

The stable, hard working woman behind it

Penny struggled socially when she was a kid and she did not have many friends. Instead of having a social life, she spent her time observing people and admiring their quirks.
Although she felt lonely, her social anxiety prevented her from reaching out.

It wasn’t until she had her daughter, Jade, that she began to became more outgoing.
Nonetheless, the time she spent observing from a distance helped her develop her work as an astrologer.

In addition to studying astrology, Penny has studied martial arts, fitness, and delves into neuroscience as an area of interest.


A Youtube channel originally created at age 13 has become a hub of astrological content.

Martial Arts

Penny began her martial arts training in 2012, after having been sheltered from both martial arts and witchcraft as a child.
She runs a project called
Boxing Mermaid, teaching boxing and self defense classes as well as encouraging people to train and referring them to gyms.

Boxing Mermaid

Jadey Jade

Deeply inspired by her daughter Jade, Penny became more social and motivated upon having a kid.
Jade appears in many of Penny’s Youtube videos.

Soul & Body

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