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Since 2013, Penny has been dedicated to diving deep into the minds of people.
Her number one tool? Astrology.
Today, her knowledge expands to Tarot, psychic practices, symbolism, and the mind & body connection.

The power of a good astrology reading cannot be underestimated, as it enriches your life with passion, power, and success.

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Readings on Love, Money, & Vocation


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Products for health & healing

Exercise classes to heal the soul & body.


Looking for some quick answers?
The spirits guide us through use of the cards.

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The oldest, most detailed, and profound method of analyzing people and their personalities.

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Alphabet Symbolism

Each letter of the alphabet has its own symbolism and vibrations, affecting out lives in big ways.

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Penny’s educational videos on Youtube are referred to as

“Spot on” “Freaky” and
“Mind Blowing”

-comments taken from Youtube

Many astrologers have walked in the footsteps of Penny and taken her work as inspiration.
Despite changes to Youtube, Penny has tried find new outlets for her content.

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Personal care for every client

Penny feels very strongly about empowering people. She herself has struggled a great deal in in the past, with relationships and traumatic events, and has seen the types of problems that a person can face. She will not stand for leaving anyone alone.

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